NSW Land Tax changes | Foreign Person Beneficiary Exclusion

If you’re a foreign person who owns residential land in NSW, you must pay a land tax surcharge in addition to any land tax you may already pay. The surcharge rate is: 0.75 per cent from the 2017 land tax year, and two per cent from the 2018 land tax year onwards. You must pay the surcharge on the taxable value of all residential land that you own as at 31 December each year.…  Read more

Tax Planning 30 June 2020

The 2020 financial year has been an unusual year.  This year, more than ever, we want to ensure that we help you reduce your tax exposure and minimise the risk of an audit by the regulators. Therefore we are highlighting some key issues and opportunities for managing your tax reporting obligations before 30 June 2020. The below considerations for pre 30 June 2020 end of financial year update outlines some suggested…  Read more

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