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We love to help our clients move their business forward. Whether you’re looking to increase your profitability or improve your productivity, buy or rent a new factory, open a new store or begin a new venture, we’d love to help you get there.

Our goal is to ensure you have all the information you need to make smart decisions. Our advisors will make sure you understand what you need to do in order to grow your business, without the confusing accounting jargon.

We start by listening to you

We begin all our work with an initial chat. We’ll talk with you – whether over a coffee or over the phone – to find out more about your business, your challenges and goals.

At Hanrahans, we don’t take this step lightly! We listen intently so that we have a solid foundation and clear understanding of your current position and where you want to go before we start our work.

Once we have built the foundation, we will take an in-depth look at your business from a strategic perspective including to identify your problem areas, blockages, opportunities and areas for improvement and discuss solutions to these issues for your business.

Virtual CFO

Every business could benefit from the insights of an experienced CFO, but most small businesses don’t have the budget to afford one in-house. That’s where Hanrahans comes in. Our Virtual CFO service gives you access to a dedicated CFO that will help you understand what’s really going on in your business. We strive to bring this financial rigour into smaller businesses so you can see the story the numbers are telling and have the guidance as to what to do next.

How we help

Once we have worked with you to identify the problems, opportunities and areas for improvement, we will discuss and potentially develop targeted strategic plans for your business to overcome the issues and put foundations into place to allow you to push for continuous improvements.

Depending on desired outcomes the plan is not intended to be a static document and will continue to evolve to keep you and your team on the right track and is designed entirely around your goals. We will regularly keep all parties accountable to the timeframes, requirements and goals, so you can actually make progress.

Advisory work will work to your goals through a variety of financial or non-financial methods and tools including; KPI metrics, goal setting, business or wealth value gap analysis, Cash Flow Forecasting, Budgeting and Scenario Planning. Ongoing regular reporting and benchmarking provide further performance guidance and goal target tracking.

A common business example of where the value forecasting and scenario planning can be vital to business success relate to making a decision between two viable options. Such as considering to rent or to take out a loan to buy a factory – would you want to know the financial impact of each business decision – before you actually make it?

With our assistance, we can assist you to understand to financial impact of your rent vs buy decision and – before making it. Along with using our specialised tax planning experts and structuring expertise, Hanrahans work to provide you with the optimal outcome.

We see ourselves as your strategic business partner, invested in your success and as committed as you are. The team at Hanrahans like to work collaboratively, drawing on our expertise and of decades of combined business experience.

If you want to take your business up a notch, it’s time to talk to Hanrahans.

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